Ethiopian, Russian News Agencies Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Ethiopian, Russian News Agencies Sign Memorandum of Understanding
Ethiopian, Russian News Agencies Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. and Sputnik News Agency have signed today a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to exchange news and cover important events in relations between Ethiopia and Russia.

ENA Public Relations and Strategic Partnership Director, Yohannes Wondirad, and Sputnik International Cooperation Director, Vasily Pushkov, signed the agreement in the presence of Ambassador Evgeny Terekhin of Russia and Ethiopian News Agency Chief Executive Officer Seife Derbie.

On the occasion, Yohannes said that the agencies “signed the memorandum of understanding to exchange publicly available news while covering important events in relation between the two countries as well as international news in English and Arabic in accordance with the local laws and legislations applicable to both countries.”

ENA is the sole wire service in Ethiopia with over 80 years of rich experience and it currently disseminates news and articles to more than 30 local media outlets and different international media, he added.

“It (Sputnik) has a good experience, especially in radio and broadcasting as well as social media. So, this strategic partnership agreement will help us to exchange our experiences.”

The Ethiopian News Agency has strategic partnership with local and foreign organizations and media houses, including Xinhua News Agency of China and Anadolu of Turkey .

Sputnik News Agency and Radio International Cooperation Director, Vasily Pushkov said on his part that both agencies need to do more news stories to strengthen relations between Ethiopia and Russia.

“It’s not my first time in Africa. I know that Ethiopia and Russia have close ties, and I know a lot about Ethiopian history. But when I arrived in Addis Ababa yesterday, I immediately understood that I knew nothing…. The information is not sufficient. We need more news and more comprehensive stories about each other,” he explained.

Pushkov emphasized that it is only then understanding can go deeper.

The Russian state-owned news agency, Sputnik, was established on November 10, 2014.

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