Ethiopians Celebrate Adwa Victory Day

Ethiopians Celebrate Adwa Victory Day
Ethiopians Celebrate Adwa Victory Day

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. s Ababa, March 2/2022/ENA/ Ethiopians across the country are celebrating the 126th anniversary of the Victory of Adwa colorfully.

The celebration in Addis Ababa at Emperor Menelik II square in the center of the city was especially colorful.

It was 126 years ago, March 1896 , that Ethiopians who had marched to Adwa from all corners of the country and fiercely fought against the colonial aggressor army of Italy at the Battle of Adwa.

The victory was an inspiration to the entire Africa to fight for independence and beyond. The Victory of Adwa also turned Ethiopia into an icon of liberty for black people worldwide.

This great victory has been a source of inspiration for struggles for freedom throughout in Africa as well as for oppressed people elsewhere, triggering resistance against oppression.

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