Ethiopians Voice Support for Successful Conduct of National Dialogue

Ethiopians Voice Support for Successful Conduct of National Dialogue
Ethiopians Voice Support for Successful Conduct of National Dialogue

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. Ethiopians across the country, interviewed by ENA, expressed strong support for the success of the National Dialogue Commission’s efforts to bring lasting peace and unity.

Ethiopians in different areas of the country acclaimed the inclusive and bottom up approaches of the commission during the public participations and selection of participants.

The commission has finalized the selection of participants from 10 regions and 2 city administrations, including in Assosa, Dire Dawa, Adama, Hawasana and Wolayta Sodo.

This inclusive process, ensuring broad representation, has been met with public enthusiasm, it was learned.

Dereje Gutema, a resident of Dire Dawa, believes the commission’s bottom-up approach during the selection increases its inclusiveness and credibility.

Citizens are eager to contribute to the National Dialogue’s success, he observed.

Dereje stated, for the commission’s mission to be successful, all citizens should do their part.

Vice Chairman of the Adama City Council of Elders, Feysa Megersa, has also emphasized the importance of collective action.

The commissions inclusive approach in the dialogues are crucial to resolve the issues.

The National Dialogue Commission is seen as a crucial step towards lasting peace and development.

Feysa stressed, “the contribution of the commission is crucial to create lasting peace and development by correcting the rift and failed processes inherited from history.”

Bruk Balcha, a resident of Wolaita Sodo, on her part said the National Dialogue Commission will play a significant role in maintaining the peace and unity of the country.

Emphasizing the importance of inclusive dialogue to solve challenges, she stressed the need to use this opportunity to resolve the problems that have arisen in the past.

These sentiments are also shared by many Ethiopians who see the National Dialogue as a chance to heal past wounds and build a brighter future, it was learned.

Citizens across the country are eager to participate in these discussions and contribute to a more peaceful and prosperous Ethiopia.

The National Dialogue Commission with eleven members came into effect since February 23, 2022.

The Commission is expected to commence dialogue on regional levels within few weeks.

The commission is also expected to finalize identification of participants shortly in areas where identification of participants have not yet conducted.

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