Ethiopia’s Economy Making Significant Progress Despite Challenges

Ethiopia’s Economy Making Significant Progress Despite Challenges
Ethiopia’s Economy Making Significant Progress Despite Challenges

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. Ethiopian Finance Minister, Ahmed Shede, expressed confidence in the resilience of Ethiopia’s economy, stating that despite facing numerous internal and external challenges in recent years, the country economy is making significant progress.

The Ethiopian-American Business and Investment Forum took place in Washington DC, according to Ministry of Finance.

The Forum was organized by the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington in collaboration with WAFA Marketing and Promotion.

The event aimed to showcase the investment potential of Ethiopia and provide insights into the various incentives available to investors.

On the occasion, Minister Ahmed emphasized that the government’s comprehensive reform initiatives and substantial investments in infrastructure have played a pivotal role in overcoming the challenges and driving economic growth.

He highlighted the successful implementation of the green legacy initiative, which addresses climate change, promotes food self-sufficiency, enhances sustainable agricultural productivity, and tackles integrated water resources management.

Extending an invitation to American investors, Minister Ahmed encouraged them to visit Ethiopia and explore the vast investment opportunities the country offers.

Ethiopia’s ambassador to the United States, Seleshi Bekele, on his part emphasized that Ethiopia has maintained diplomatic relations with the United States for over a century, spanning more than 120 years.

He highlighted the occurrence of several significant visits by high-ranking officials, notably the prominent involvement of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who led a distinguished delegation at the US-Africa summit held last year.

During this momentous event, the Prime Minister engaged in productive discussions with key figures from the US administration, Congress, and the private sector.

The forum provided a comprehensive presentation on Ethiopia’s immense wealth potential and enticing investment prospects, along with the numerous incentives available to prospective investors.

Furthermore, a panel discussion featured accomplished Ethiopian individuals actively involved in various investment sectors, alongside esteemed American executives.

According to the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC, the participants raised inquiries and comments, which were met with extensive explanations and responses.

Notably, American investors who attended the forum expressed their appreciation for the government’s reform initiatives, particularly its endeavors to foster a conducive environment for foreign investment.

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