GERD Strength Not Only to Ethiopia but Also to Africa: Professor Mammo

GERD Strength Not Only to Ethiopia but Also to Africa: Professor Mammo
GERD Strength Not Only to Ethiopia but Also to Africa: Professor Mammo

Africa-PressEthiopia. Addis Ababa June 3/2021 (ENA) The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is a true gift to Africa as a whole, Science and Technology Department Chair at the National Research Foundation in South Africa, Professor Mammo Muchie said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Professor Mammo said GERD provides strength not only to Ethiopia but also to the region and Africa as a whole.

“All (countries) should be open to undertake inclusive partnership as GERD is truly a precious asset; and all should agree to work together in full collaboration from start to finish,” he added.

According to him, the Ethiopian dam can generate clean carbon dioxide-free electricity, fisheries, fresh water and youth employment as well as serve as flood control and water vapor regulator.

The energy and electricity generated can be used not only by Ethiopia but also the region as a whole.

However, the tripartite negotiations have not brought any tangible result due to some of observers who went beyond the task assigned to them and interfering in the process, the professor revealed.

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan must learn to settle whatever differences they have by avoiding external interference, he noted, adding that “if they cannot agree themselves, they should rely on the Africa Union.”

Professor Mammo stated that “there is no need to include external actors that often have their own agenda and have been known for playing historically with their oppressive colonial maniacs by accelerating many conflicts to disempower the African agency from bringing solutions to any problem, and reconciliation to any conflict.”

Moreover, he pointed out that Egypt and Sudan must have been the first to reject the over 10 colonial treaties that the British, French, Italians and others imposed to deny the rights of Ethiopia to the Blue Nile water.

They know over 86 percent of the Blue Nile water flows from Ethiopia, the chair said, wondering “why the treaties deny Ethiopia’s right to share the water by allocating all the Nile water to Egypt and Sudan and creating strife and conflict which has not been resolved until today? Why must these colonial treaties continue?”

The best proof of decolonization of Egypt and Sudan can be best expressed and demonstrated by their rejection of the 1891-1959 colonial treaties imposed on them by their colonizers, the professor elaborated.

He also underlined that Egypt and Sudan should join Ethiopia and the rest of the riparian states to make full agreement without any interference from all the former colonial powers and others outside Africa.

Professor Mammo underscored that GERD must make Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan a trio in one and one in trio, united firmly to promote the well-being of the people and the safety of the water, soil and nature.

On other hand, Professor Mammo indicated the filling of the dam can be accomplished with water gain by discovering the appropriate and agreed high way to avoid water loss.

“We can do a genuine and serious strength, weakness, opportunity and threat analysis over time how to facilitate the possibility for water gain rather than water loss at any climate and weather changing time.”


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