Global Community Failed to Realize Glaringly Facts on Tigray: Press Secretary for PM Office

Global Community Failed to Realize Glaringly Facts on Tigray: Press Secretary for PM Office
Global Community Failed to Realize Glaringly Facts on Tigray: Press Secretary for PM Office

Africa-PressEthiopia. Addis Ababa June 3/2021 (ENA) The global community has failed to realize the glaringly facts and atrocities committed by the TPLF criminal enterprise in Ethiopia, Press Secretary for the Office of the Prime Minister Billene Seyoum said.

At a press conference she held along with Attorney General Gedion Timothewos today, the press secretary explained about the humanitarian operation and the rehabilitation efforts in Tigray region.

Billene recalled the belligerent acts of the terrorist TPLF before the law enforcement operation which commenced in November 2020.

Even if the criminal enterprise had provoked the Northern Command post of the country and forced the federal government to take up the operation, the far-fetched and politically motivated international accusations have been reinforced against Ethiopia, she noted.

Though the government has been aspiring to ensure the dignity of Ethiopians during the past years, she pointed out that conflict entrepreneur, TPLF in particular, hijacked it.

“The aspiration of this administration to enable a life of dignity to citizens over the course of the past three years has often been hijacked by agents of instability and their accomplices,” Billene revealed.

According to her, the global community has failed to come to terms with the number of glaringly apparent facts TPLF had done even during its three decades of abuse of power.

“The criminal enterprise exercised three decades of abuse of power, state capture, bottomless corruption and gross human rights violations on the nations and nationalities of the country, particularly ethnic Somalis, Amhara, Oromos and many other groups, without any external intervention.”

The disdain shown by the criminal enterprise towards the numerous attempts to dialogues initiated by the federal government and many other independent actors have all been denied over the past three years, she noted.

The warmongering narrative, overt belligerence exhibited by the criminal enterprise for several months preceding their attacks on the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force have all been denied, the press secretary underlined.

Billene also recalled that “war is our traditional dance” has been a commonly stated theme of the terrorist group.

She further recalled “the continued belligerent fragments of the criminal enterprise despite several calls by the federal government over the past month to surrender peacefully and lay down their arms with a grant of amnesty and support to return to life.”

The press secretary revealed that the continued attack on humanitarian convoys by fragments of the criminal enterprise are blocking assistance meant for the very people in whose name they are trading.

Yet, she noted that all the aforementioned devilish acts of the terrorist group have been overlooked, omitted and disregarded by the international community.

Explaining why the international community is misguided on the Tigray affair, Billene said the culprits are “lobby firms which supported disinformation campaigns and false narratives lodged by sympathizers of the criminal enterprise outside of Ethiopia.”

Billene stressed that the Government of Ethiopia is aggressively working to assuage suffering of Ethiopians in Tigray region and undertaking a wide range of humanitarian and rebuilding activities to restore full normalcy in the region.


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