Gov’t Lauds Global Rallies Condemning Western Meddling, Unwarranted Pressure

Gov’t Lauds Global Rallies Condemning Western Meddling, Unwarranted Pressure
Gov’t Lauds Global Rallies Condemning Western Meddling, Unwarranted Pressure

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. The Government of Ethiopia has praised the Ethiopian Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia for coming out in droves in over 25 cities around the world to condemn the interference of Western powers and undermining of the integrity of the country.

Briefing the media today, Government Communication Service State Minister Selamawit Kassa noted that Ethiopians and citizens of Ethiopian origin as well as citizens of Horn of African countries and friends of Ethiopia expressed their support for the Ethiopian government during the demonstrations held in over 25 cities around the globe on Sunday.

The state minister pointed out that the demonstrators condemned the unwarranted pressure of the Western powers on Ethiopia and called on the countries to look at this carefully.

“It is a great public movement which has proved that the pressures and manipulations coming from all directions are unacceptable and cannot dismantle Ethiopia,” she said, adding that “they in particular sent a clear message to some countries that are plotting to destroy Ethiopia, which is considered the icon of Africa.”

Ethiopians at home and the government are very grateful for this great public movement across the world and the solidarity to reverse the orchestrated pressure against the integrity of the country, the state minister said.

According to her, the Diaspora is making practical move to help the country economically while the Western countries are using economic sanctions and humanitarian aid to threaten the country.

To withstand the economic pressure and endure the hardships from the ongoing conflict, the government has made agriculture and manufacturing sectors priority, Selamawit revealed.

In this regard, the state minister said 12 million hectares of land were cultivated during the 2020/21 harvest season.

As of this week, over 74 million quintals of crops have been harvested, the state minister said.

She further disclosed that 1.5 million hectares of land in the Amhara region has been destroyed by the terrorist TPLF.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia has secured 157.4 million US dollars from the manufacturing sector during the past four months, it was learned.

Selamawit said most of the revenue has been secured from textile exports and the performance accounted for close to 93 percent of the plan.

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