Gov’t Reaches 4.2 million Relief Beneficiaries in Tigray

Gov’t Reaches 4.2 million Relief Beneficiaries in Tigray
Gov’t Reaches 4.2 million Relief Beneficiaries in Tigray

Africa-PressEthiopia. Addis Ababa , March 16/2021(ENA) The Ethiopian Government has reached 4.2 million citizens in relief supply as rehabilitation and reconstruction processes are well underway, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti said.

Briefing the media today, he said “about 4.2 million citizens have been reached through the relief and the rehabilitation process underway and the relief supply effort is going on strongly.”

The spokesperson revealed that even if all humanitarian corridors have been open in Tigray, the Ethiopian Government is still covering 70 percent of food assistance from its resources, while only the remaining 30 percent is covered by development partners and NGOs.

According to him, Tigray Interim Administration CEO Mulu Nega has called on all international relief agencies and partners to increase their support in terms of food supply and pharmaceuticals as well as other relief supplies.

About 40 resident ambassadors and diplomats in Addis Ababa paid a visit to Mekelle city last Wednesday, when the CEO and his colleagues briefed them about the current situation in the region, particularly about the rehabilitation and rebuilding efforts as well as security issues.

During the occasion, Mulu stressed the need to increase support of relief supply as the number of needy people in the region is still high, following the law enforcement operation. The situation needs the engagement of all humanitarian actors.

Accordingly, challenges and results achieved in rebuilding damaged infrastructures, reopening public service institutions, rehabilitating IDPs, and delivering humanitarian supports were discussed in detail during the visit.


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