Gov’t Restoring Basic Services, Providing Humanitarian Aid in Korem Town : Residents

Gov’t Restoring Basic Services, Providing Humanitarian Aid in Korem Town : Residents
Gov’t Restoring Basic Services, Providing Humanitarian Aid in Korem Town : Residents

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. Following the peace agreement signed between the Government of Ethiopia and TPLF, the government has been restoring services and making humanitarian aid available in Korem Town, residents of the town said .

The residents have alsopointed out that the government has been demonstrating its commitment torestoring services and providing humanitarian aid to the residents of the town,adhering to the peace agreement.

Eskedar Haile, a resident of Korem,recalled that the residents of the town had endured hardship and misery forover a year.

However, the prevalence of peace andsecurity in Korem and its surroundings following the peace agreement, has ledlife in the town to return to normalcy, Eskedar noted.

“The food aid deliveryhas eased the problems of the people,” she said.

Priest Hagos Ararso also recalled thatresidents of Korem and its surroundings had experienced severe humanitariancrisis due to the conflict.

The people have returned to their previous livelihood after the prevailing of peace in Korem and its surroundings, Priest Hagos observed, adding that the agreement reached between the government and TPLF would usher in lasting peace to the people.

The delivery ofemergency food aid to people in need by the government has eased the chronicproblems of the people, he explained. The priest called on all to play their role to the implementationof the agreement.

Meles Aderu, a youth resident of Korem,said he resumed his previous market activities in the town following the peaceagreement.

Stating that people who were displaced dueto the threat of conflict have returned to their homes , Meles said, addingthat the government’s relief assistance to people in need has eased thesufferings.

Mayor of Korem City Administration, Zemachu Belay said the conflict has caused loss of lives and material damage.

Following the damage onpublic utilities in and around the town, the government is undertakingreconstruction work, the mayor stated.

Accordingly, telephone, electricity and water serviceshave resumed recently, and health institutions and government services arebeing restored, he pointed out.

Apart from this, the mayor said that 9,000quintals of food for a month is being made available beginning from this weekto over 53,833 people who are in urgent need of food aid due to theconflict.

He also explained that the government haskept its promise of humanitarian aid to the needy, where the fast delivery offood is helping the people to return to their normal activities quickly.

He said Korem town has been returning tonormalcy, stating that public transport has also resumed from Korem to Alamataand Sekota towns and vice versa.

The rehabilitation of health and educationinstitutions destroyed by conflict including banking services, will be carriedout, he stated.

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