Horn of Africa Initiative Convenes 21st Ministerial Meeting in Nairobi

Horn of Africa Initiative Convenes 21st Ministerial Meeting in Nairobi
Horn of Africa Initiative Convenes 21st Ministerial Meeting in Nairobi

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. The Horn of Africa Initiative (HoAI) convenes its 21st ministerial meeting alongside the African Development Bank’s 2024 annual meetings at the Kenyatta international convention center in Nairobi.

Under the leadership of Ethiopia’s Finance Minister, Ahmed Shide, and co-chair Marie-Laure of the African Development Bank, the event marked a significant stride towards regional unity and prosperity.

The meeting’s core agenda focused on the performance of the initiative portfolio and the implementation of the Borderlands Roadmap.

The need for tailored approaches to project implementation was underscored, as was the importance of local ownership and leadership in enhancing regional cooperation.

Moreover, the meeting addressed the ongoing economic disparities within the region, particularly in underserved borderland communities emphasizing the necessity of consolidating resources and forging robust partnerships to address the region’s challenges.

Finance Minister, Ahmed Shide in his opening remarks, acknowledged the critical contributions of his Kenyan counterpart, Cabinet Secretary Prof. Njuguna, and praised the African Development Bank for their role in orchestrating the HoAI meeting alongside their annual event.

The assembly recognized the essential support of development partners and at the event Germany announced a 10 million euro grant to the Initiative confirming that this pledge is part of a larger collaborative effort, aimed at replenishing the Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) and enhancing the Initiative’s foundational work.

The Nairobi ministerial gathering, where BADEA, the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa announced its full-fledged membership with the HoAI, served as a testament to the unwavering commitment of leaders and partners to the Horn of Africa’s development.

The Horn of Africa Initiative is a multi-faceted approach that aims to build a strong infrastructure, connect different countries through regional economic integration, support human capital development, and enhance the region’s resilience.

The Initiative brings the horn countries together to work on four specific development pillars with the support of development partners like the World Bank, AfDB, EU, Germany, and the UK.

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