How to use stone in home décor

How to use stone in home décor
How to use stone in home décor

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. There are many benefits of choosing to use stone for home décor. Apart from adding elegance to any surface to which it is applied, stone is environmentally sustainable, does not contain any chemical so it one of the safest products to use for indoors. It is also recyclable and can even be reused in new projects making it eco-friendly.

John Bright, an interior designer says stone is one of the most popular building materials because of its durability and easiness to work with. “Stone is the perfect product for someone who wants a natural elegant themed décor,” he says.

The material, has evolved through the years; from the time man left the cave it has been fashioned to suit the period and prevailing trends.

“While we are no longer constructing our houses entirely out of stone, we are decorating them with numerous different stone ornamentation,” he says.

The most popular types of stone used for architectural and design purposes include granite, marble, limestone, soapstone, travertine, onyx, quartz and porcelain.

Ways of using stone

“A part from constructing and building structures with stones, designing parts of your home out of stone can also bring life and beauty in your home. Stone is more affordable and abundantly available, making it the perfect solution for those decorating on a budget,” says Bright.

Wall decoration

Bright notes that natural stone can complement any décor. And because of the variety of stone types, the possibility of combinations are endless. Stone can be used to create an elegant and beautiful natural cladding system in home decor.

“When used well, stone adds more texture and appeal to the walls. You can also create interior diversions with stone cladding in the kitchen and the living room. For instance natural stone can be used on walls to create a backdrop for furniture. Smooth stone walls made out of granite or marble, will give your room a sleek and modern look,” says Bright.

Stone floors

The decor expert says stone is commonly used in bathrooms to add a little drama to floors. The most preferred stones for flooring in home décor are marble, granite, travertine, quartzite, limestone and slate.

“The above varities enable one to mix and match various stones with different colours and textures to create a unique feel and look. But the biggest benefit of using stone on floors is their durability which makes them perfect for creating resistant floors in bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, or any other portion of your house,” he says.

He adds that stone is not only a durable, sturdy, and beautiful a material but it is also one of the best natural insulators.

“Stone is also great at retaining heat, which will keep your bathroom warm a lot longer than tiles. Metal bathtubs have also been out of fashion for quite some time, paving way for the eco-friendly and slippery-proof ones made out of stone material,” Bright says.

Stone walkways

Stone concert and pavers are popular materials for walkways and backyards. They are easy to maintain and durable.

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