Move to Include Contending Political Parties in Gov’t Positions Exemplary for Africa: A Scholar

Move to Include Contending Political Parties in Gov’t Positions Exemplary for Africa: A Scholar
Move to Include Contending Political Parties in Gov’t Positions Exemplary for Africa: A Scholar

Africa-PressEthiopia. s Ababa October 8/2014 /ENA/ The commitment of the government of Ethiopia to work with contending political parties by including them in the newly formed cabinet is an example of a democratic practice for other African countries.

It is to be recalled that ruling Prosperity Party registered landslide victory in the Ethiopian general elections held on June 21, 2021.

Accordingly, Ethiopia has officially formed a new government this week based on the election results.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed included three competing political party leaders in the new cabinet of the federal government of Ethiopia.

Regional governments have also taken similar move in their respective cabinets.

During the announcement of his cabinet, the Premier said the objective of this move is to demonstrate the possibility of working together for national goal with a view to ensuring the best interest of the country despite political differences.

Political Science Lecturer at Hawasa University Nigusu Belay told ENA today that the way that the new government has been formed is a new trend not only in Ethiopia but also most countries in Africa.

Therefore, “such unique political culture in Ethiopia must be admired by other African countries too”, he added.

According to Nigusu, creating conducive environment to help contending major political parties work with the government brings new horizon not only for Ethiopian politics but also for Africa.

The scholar stated that “We as an African nation are not familiar in working with our contenders; we largely consider others as threats to one to another. But, the situation that happened on Wednesday at the Ethiopian Parliament was an amazing event that changed the narration about African politics”, he said.

He further indicated that other countries in Africa should learn from Ethiopia as working together for a national interest is very crucial to ensure democracy and tolerance which are prerequisites to building sustainable peace and development.

The decision made by the government of Ethiopia in this regard demonstrates to the rest of the world that Africans can exercise democracy without any interference, the scholar underscored.

“We showed the world that we can work together as one even if we have different political views. The world witnessed that African can exercise diversity of political views in a peaceful and democratic way’, he said.

Indicating that political stand is different from serving a nation with knowledge and skill he said that all political parties at the government positions should collaborate for successful democratic culture in the country.


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