National Dialogue Opportunity to Build Better Ethiopia: PM

National Dialogue Opportunity to Build Better Ethiopia: PM
National Dialogue Opportunity to Build Better Ethiopia: PM

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed noted that the national dialogue opens a great opportunity to build a better Ethiopia.

The House of People’s Representatives held the 36th regular session today.

During the session, the Prime Minister addressed questions posed from Members of Parliament.

Abiy explained that the government has been making extensive efforts to alleviate existing and current problems that have arisen since the day after the reform.

He expressed his belief that consultations are necessary to solve old social, political and historical problems and create consensus.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister explained that great efforts are underway to implementing transitional justice to address other lingering issues.

Open discussions and consultations are key to building a better tomorrow, he noted, further adding that national dialogue is especially crucial for parties lacking electoral mandate, as it allows for a wider range of voices to be heard, rather than elected ruling party.

Ethiopia has been in the cycle of conflict and war for a long time, the Prime Minister said, stating that this story of killing should be stopped by this generation.

Therefore, we should work together to build a country that is better and more comfortable for its people through trust and communication, he stressed.

Moreover, the Prime Minister emphasized that it is impossible to hold power through conflict, war and coup d’état at this time.

He said that we must work together for the rest, giving respect to the fruit we fought for the change.

The extreme ideas in Ethiopia are hurting all of us and should be avoided and work for common solution, Abiy emphasized.

In Ethiopia, it is impossible to hold power through coup, he stressed, and therefore, we should work together to achieve our development dreams.

The PM reiterated that the Ethiopian government is ready for consultation with anyone.

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