Nat’l Dialogue Commission Accomplishes Various Preliminary Preparations

Nat’l Dialogue Commission Accomplishes Various Preliminary Preparations
Nat’l Dialogue Commission Accomplishes Various Preliminary Preparations

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. The National Dialogue Commission has accomplished various preliminary preparations and identification of participants in various regions, city administrations, Chief Commissioner Professor Mesfin Araya revealed.

The Chief Commissioner of the National Dialogue Commission said that preliminary accomplishments have been made in identifying participants in the various regions and city administrations across the country.

Speaker of the House of Peoples Representatives, Tagesse Chaffo, on his part remarked that all supportive initiatives that are offered to the coordinated activities of the Commission will help to promote national development endeavors and enable us to leave our hand prints on the process.

Four months performance report of the commission was reviewed by higher officials of the House and concerned stakeholders.

On the occasion, the Speaker who presided over the review session lauded the performance made by the Commission in accomplishing its tasks in greater accountability to discharge its responsibilities by overcoming various challenges to ensure sustainable peace in the country.

The Speaker remarked that it is important to proactively perform tasks through collectively coordinated efforts among government structures in cooperation with security forces.

He added that more concerted efforts need to be made with all stakeholders who can contribute to the smooth performance of the Commission’s tasks.

Ethiopia’s National Dialogue Commission Chief Commissioner, Professor Mesfin Araya added that various activities have been conducted in identifying potential participants on the national dialogue at the regions and city administrations across the country.

He pointed out that tasks related to collecting agenda at the regional levels and related activities have been conducted by charting out various means and ways in cooperation with concerned stakeholders.

The Commissioner further noted that the identification of participants in regions that have not been reached will be conducted through public meetings to identify possible agenda and potential participants.

He called upon all concerned to pull together efforts to facilitate better political platform to contribute their part in the whole process of the dialogue.

The meeting was attended by government whips, members of the Permanent Committee for Democratic Affairs, higher officials of the HPR, ministers, commissioners, heads of media houses and other officials who forwarded their opinions on the content of the report.

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