Nat’l Summer Voluntarism Service Drive to Benefit Over 50 Million Ethiopians

Nat'l Summer Voluntarism Service Drive to Benefit Over 50 Million Ethiopians
Nat'l Summer Voluntarism Service Drive to Benefit Over 50 Million Ethiopians

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. The upcoming National Summer Voluntarism initiative is poised to positively impact the lives of more than 50 million Ethiopians, according to government officials spearheading the large-scale mobilization effort.

The nationwide campaign, operating under the theme “Benevolence and Unity for Ethiopia’s Ascendance,” aims to cultivate a spirit of solidarity and collective advancement through voluntary community services deeply rooted in Ethiopian cultures and traditions.

Some 39 million volunteers are expected to participate in the upcoming national summer voluntarism services.

Since the inception of the reform, the government has intensified its focus on facilitating citizen-driven benevolent activities to uplift communities. This year’s program will encompass 14 key areas, delivering an array of services valued at over 21 billion Birr (approx. 400 million USD).

Initiatives will span tree planting drives, food distribution, educational support, and health services, among other critical sectors.

The Peace, Education, and Women and Social Affairs Ministries have jointly unveiled details of the ambitious undertaking during a press briefing today.

“People will engage in these services not through coercion but by their own volition, a testament to the Ethiopian spirit of compassion,” remarked Women and Social Affairs State Minister Muna Ahmed.

According to State Minister of Peace, the campaign allows Ethiopians to strengthen social cohesion by coming together for the nation’s collective upliftment.

The program will be launched on June 19, in a ceremony to be held at Adwa Victory Memorial Museum , a symbolic start rooted in the nation’s resilient history.

Over 20,000 university students will play a pivotal role, contributing their efforts towards educational, health, and developmental endeavors across the country, according to Education State Minister Korra Tushene.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is the architect of this philanthropic movement as a means to harness the Ethiopian people’s benevolent spirit for sustained national progress.

Rather than a fleeting phenomenon, the campaign has continually expanded its reach each year, evolving into an enduring tradition that epitomizes the nation’s unity and unwavering commitment to collective prosperity through grassroots participation.

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