News: TPLF expels Keria Ibrahim, Mulu Gebregziabher from the Party

News: TPLF expels Keria Ibrahim, Mulu Gebregziabher from the Party
News: TPLF expels Keria Ibrahim, Mulu Gebregziabher from the Party

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) announced the expulsion of the former member of the executive committee, Keria Ibrahim, from the party.

TPLF also removed the former member of the central committee, Mulu Gebregziabher, from the party.

According to the statement issued by the party, the resolution adopted by the TPLF central committee aims to address the protracted matter concerning executive and central committee members who were detained by the federal government during the war in the Tigray region.

The decision comes in response to their alleged “mishandling of confidential information,” which the party said was “deemed a violation of its rules and regulations.”

Keria, who was the Speaker of the House of Federation, was detained by the federal government since December 2020 after she gave herself up.

In March 2021, the police said she was released without providing the circumstances in which she was being released.

However, in May the same year, Keria was taken back under police’s custody after refusing to testify against the 42 defendants charged in Dr. Abreham Tekeste’s file.

She was eventually released in March 2023 after the federal government and TPLF signed the Pretoria Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (CoHA) .

Former MP & state Minister for Transport, Mulu Gebregziabher, was also facing similar charges with Keria before the charges were terminated and she too was released.

The TPLF says both Keria and Mulu have “expressed regret for their actions and stated their commitment to making amends in their future endeavors to benefit their community.”

The party also disclosed that Adisalem Balema (PhD) and Abraham Tekeste (PhD) will maintain in their positions as members of the executive committee, while Solomon Kidane (PhD), Atsbeha Aregawi, Kiros Hagos, and Redai Berhe (PhD) will remain as central committee members.

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