Pan-Africanist Scholar Professor Mammo Stresses that ‘Saving Ethiopia Means Saving Africa’

Pan-Africanist Scholar Professor Mammo Stresses that ‘Saving Ethiopia Means Saving Africa’
Pan-Africanist Scholar Professor Mammo Stresses that ‘Saving Ethiopia Means Saving Africa’

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. The demonstration held by the Ethiopian Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia to denounce Western interference in the country’s internal affairs reflects the growing awareness that “saving Ethiopia is saving Africa,” a scholar said.

The protesters who held rallies in over 25 cities across the globe demanded an end to Western intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia and misleading information about the situation in the country.

Pan-African scholar and South African Research Chair of Innovation Studies at Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa, Professor Mammo Muchie told ENA that thousands gathered to show their solidarity for Ethiopian unity, sovereignty, and dignity.

Speaking about the demonstration held in South Africa where the professor resides, he said “more than 85,000 people all over South Africa came to Pretoria. They included Pan-Africanists, South Africans and others from the rest of Africa.”

The demonstrators expressed their commitment to continue this struggle until the external forces stop their interference in the internal affairs of Ethiopia, he added.

According to the professor, many Africans are serious about saving Ethiopia to save Africa because Ethiopia is an exemplary country that has never been colonized. “If Ethiopia is destroyed its means Africa is destroyed. They all know and say Ethiopia must not be divided. It must remain united.”

Professor Mammo said the way the US has been interfering in Ethiopia by mainly supporting the terrorist TPLF is not really understanding what is going in Ethiopia.

Many things have happened in Ethiopia. Elections have taken place and a democratically elected government is in power. Yet they are supporting the terrorist group TPLF. Instead of supporting democracy, peace and stability, they create chaos, he noted.

Moreover, the West does not want the strong pan-Africanist vision of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to spread.

“If we Africans are united, we the richest continent on this planet. If all our resources are owned by us and we are united, it means a lot and the external actors feel they will lose. To prevent that they create conflicts. The more there is conflict in Africa the more they exploit us,” the professor elaborated.

Hence the external actors are siding with internal actors to divided us, he noted, pointing out that “the only way we can stop this by building African unity and Ethiopian unity… Now with all these risks and dangers exist opportunities.”

Professor Mammo finally stressed that external actors like the US and some western countries should stop siding with the terrorist TPLF, spreading fake news and propaganda, and stop playing destructive role against Ethiopia and its people.

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