PM to Meet Youth from All Over Africa to Share Pan-African Vision

PM to Meet Youth from All Over Africa to Share Pan-African Vision
PM to Meet Youth from All Over Africa to Share Pan-African Vision

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will meet youth from 54 African countries this month to share his Pan-African vision and sentiment, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Speaking at the Ethio-South African Fraternity held last night, Fisseha Shawel, African Affairs Director-General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said “we are inviting youth from the 54 African countries to join us here and listen to our prime minister on his sentiment on Pan-Africanism as well as continental issues.”

According to him, Prime Minister Abiy is a very strong Pan-Africanist who wants to see a prosperous continent.

The prime minister is particularly eager to engage the young population of the continent and share his vision about Africa, he added.

Though Africa is probably independent politically, the director-general argued that “we are not yet liberated in other sectors and other fields.”

Ethiopia now wants to come together with all Africans as the country has got the motto: “No More” to end subjugation, suppression, and division.

Therefore, Fisseha noted that strengthening Pan-Africanism and bringing together the youth population of the continent is the priority policy of Ethiopia for complete liberation and independence of Africa.

African forefathers and currently retired leaders will also be part of the interaction with the youth that come from 54 African countries for the upcoming youth summit in Addis Ababa, he stated.

“The ideas of our forefathers will be transmitted to them (youth). They will interact with them as well as talk about our weaknesses and strengths. They will talk about our opportunities.”

In this regard, Fisseha stressed that Ethiopia is keen to work on Pan-African vision and the continent’s youth solidarity with South Africa. It will be an imperative role to translate this into a reality.

South African Mission Deputy Head, Matheko Ursula, said on her part that bonds of Ethiopia and South Africa have been the strongest since former President Nelson Mandela received support from Ethiopia in his struggle against apartheid system of racial segregation.

“The people-to-people friendship between South Africa and Ethiopia was cemented when former President Nelson Mandela arrived in Addis Ababa around 26th June of 1962 to receive his military training in Ethiopia.”

Following Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s official visit to South Africa in January 2020, it is being cemented in various spheres, she added.

Ursula pointed out that the economic diplomacy between Ethiopia and South Africa in particular has been strengthening. The two countries are now exploring close cooperation in sectors that include agriculture, agro-processing, pharmaceuticals, and leather.

South Africa will also work together with Ethiopia on Pan-Africanism and continental issues, the deputy mission head said.

Finance State Minister, Eyob Tekalign said Ethiopia and South Africa have been enjoying cordial relationships that are deepening and broadening in political, economic and cultural fields.

He also praised the countries’ unwavering commitment to the principles of Pan-Africanism and understanding of each other’s ambition in the continent.

Since Ethiopia believes in strong Pan-Africanism, the state minister added that it will consolidate its cooperation with South Africa to see a stable and secure continent.

“This continent has a very bright future… So strengthening this pact of Pan-Africanism and a prosperous Africa, which is yet not to come; we all have a very important role to play in this.”

Yilma Terefe, representative of the youth in African Fraternity Night, said the program is intended to promote the vision of the prime minister towards Pan-Africanism.

“The important thing is to follow our leader who is promoting Pan-Africanism and embrace Africanism. African problems can be managed by Africans, and young people should follow past experiences and share ideas on how to solve our problems, brotherhood, and shared common values.”

Currently, many African communities and embassies, including South Africa, have been engaged here in Addis Ababa with the mission on the idea projects of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed: namely Plant Africa Fraternity, African Youth Summit and African Fraternity Night.

The Ethio-South African Fraternity, which brought together Ethiopia’s high level officials, public figures, youth representatives, and the South African community, was organized by the Embassy of South Africa to Ethiopia, Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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