Religious Fathers Extend Best Wishes to All Citizens on Eve of Ethiopian New Year

Religious Fathers Extend Best Wishes to All Citizens on Eve of Ethiopian New Year
Religious Fathers Extend Best Wishes to All Citizens on Eve of Ethiopian New Year

Africa-PressEthiopia. Religious fathers from different institutions have extended their best wishes to all citizens on the eve of the new Ethiopians year.

His Holiness Abune Mathias, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church said besides wishing the new year to bring to us happiness and renewal welcoming the New Year with bright hope is good.

Noting that Ethiopian desire for peace and development can only be realized through work, the patriarch underlined that “since we were created to work not to sleep, there is no need to be negligent in our work.”

Abune Mathias also stated that “we need to work hard to make the New Year new by creating new jobs and practices.”

Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council President, Mufti Haji Omar Idris also wished Ethiopians a happy New Year.

Recalling that Ethiopians had good tradition, he condemned the bad deeds committed in this ending year.

The president expressed his hope that good deeds, obedience and coexistence would prevail in the upcoming Ethiopian New Year.

Mufti Haji Omar Idris blamed Ethiopian elites for misleading the public rather than benefiting them. “Unless they use their knowledge for the betterment of the people and the country, those who claim to have knowledge are no better than illiterates,” he noted.

Therefore, the president urged leaders, scholars and youth to all work together for the development of the country.

Ethiopian Catholic Church Archbishop, Cardinal Berhaniyesus said on his part the coming year should be a time when the people encourage those who work for peace and reconciliation to Ethiopia both at home and abroad.

“In the New Year, hate speech should be eliminated and the focus should be on preaching love and reconciliation,” he stressed.

Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus President, Pastor Tsadiku Abdo noted that the ending year was a challenging one for the country as the COVID-19 pandemic and others crises hit.

On the other hand, Ethiopia has successfully completed the second-round filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and conducted the 6th General Election during the past year.

Pastor Tsadiku expressed his hope that all citizens would prioritize peace and make contributions towards that goal as there is no good war.


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