Renaissance of Ethiopia Inevitable as Resurrection of Christ, Says PM Abiy

PM Abiy Calls on Investors to Engage in Health Sector in Ethiopia
PM Abiy Calls on Investors to Engage in Health Sector in Ethiopia


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said despite the enormous difficulties Ethiopia has been going through, renaissance of the country is certain and in the hands of its people.

The premier made the remark in his greetings to Ethiopian Christians on the occasion of Easter that marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In his address to the faithful on his Face-Book page, Abiy said “ we celebrate this year’s Easter holiday in the midst of hope and struggle.”

In this regard, he noted that Ethiopians are on the one hand looking forward to the renaissance of their country, fighting hard to overcome the challenges that lie ahead on the other hand.

Even if the renaissance of Ethiopia seems bizarre and far-fetched today, it will not stop the resurrection of the country. It may take time for all of us to see this truth and prove it with our own hands, but it will definitely happen, the premier underscored.

According to him, the 6th upcoming General Election in June is one of the milestones that will prove Ethiopia’s renaissance as the people have yearned democracy for a long time. In this regard, Abiy said the path through which Ethiopia passed was dark and full of turmoil, pain and death.

“But we have learned from the resurrection of Jesus Christ that there will be a resurrection after death, joy after suffering and light after darkness. As we look forward to the success of our country’s democracy, we have reached the top of the mountain where the light is shining,” the premier elaborated.

The PM added that Ethiopia is in the final stages of completing the construction of its Grand Renaissance Dam built with sweat and the people have been eagerly waiting for this to materialize. “We are (therefore) looking forward to the second round filling of the dam this upcoming rainy season.”

As Ethiopia get closer to its goals and the realization of its hope, the challenges have been strong, he noted.

“We must not however forget that our challengers will not hesitate to throw the last stone that disrupts us” as we struggle to conduct the upcoming election and complete the dam successfully, Abiy stated.

Bandits, as witnessed these days, are threatening the country’s journey and doing their level best to prevent the resurrection of Ethiopia. They are carrying out their devilish mission by killing innocent people and displacing them from their homes.

Nevertheless, “ no matter how many times they beat Ethiopia to death, they will never succeed in killing it. They want us to slow down and stumble over the resurrection. However, the renaissance of the country is inevitable as was the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the premier stressed.

He finally wished Ethiopian Christians across the country a happy Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, that will be celebrated.


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