Renowned Artist Alemayehu Eshete Dies at 80

Renowned Artist Alemayehu Eshete Dies at 80
Renowned Artist Alemayehu Eshete Dies at 80

Africa-PressEthiopia. Ethiopian renowned musician Alemayehu Eshete has passed away at the age of 80.

Alemayehu, one of the most popular musicians who had been performing since 1960 was able to highly influence Ethiopian modern music through his outstanding works.

He was among the first Ethiopian singers to sing in foreign languages including English.

“Temar Lije” or “My Son, You Had Better Learn” is one of his songs that motivated many towards modern education.

Alemayehu Eshete, also known as “the Ethiopian Elvis” was active in social responsibilities and kindhearted Ethiopian nationalist who left his legacy back in the music industry.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed expressed his deepest condolences and described him as a true patriot who had set the example for other artists.

The Premier noted that he will live forever through his works that transcended Ethiopia.


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