Residents in Addis Vow to Safeguard Unity, Sovereignty of Ethiopia

Residents in Addis Vow to Safeguard Unity, Sovereignty of Ethiopia
Residents in Addis Vow to Safeguard Unity, Sovereignty of Ethiopia

Africa-PressEthiopia. Residents of Addis Ababa have vowed to protect the unity, sovereignty and national integrity of Ethiopia by deterring the ongoing internal and external pressures to dismantle the country.

The residents made the remark at a public gathering held today in the capital at Meskel Square to mark the ‘Day of Ethiopianism’

Various messages that depict the importance of national unity, togetherness and harmony to ensuring the sovereignty and future prosperity of Ethiopia, were conveyed at the event.

During the occasion, the participants have expressed their readiness to stand together with the government in its effort to protect the sovereignty and national integrity of Ethiopia.

Speaking to ENA, Priest Bekoye Meseret said that external powers in collaboration with internal agents have tried to destabilize Ethiopia for many years. However, Ethiopians, in unison, have resisted all these conspiracies and kept its sovereignty.

He urged the current generation to protect the sovereignty, unity and national integrity of Ethiopia by repeating the heroic acts of its forefathers.

“Various foreign powers had tried to invade Ethiopia in several occasions in order to weaken and destabilize the nation so as to attain their political and economic gains. But, they had not able to realize their dreams. Ethiopia had never been defeated, instead continued as a sovereign state, thanks to its patriotic forefathers,” the Priest pointed out.

He further stressed the need to further strengthen national unity in order to ensure peace and prosperity of the country by leaving aside differences among Ethiopians; urging all Ethiopians to contribute their part in the effort to safeguard the unity, integrity and sovereignty of the country.

A resident of Addis Ababa, Frehiwot Mekonnen said that she had sent her 20 years old son to join the Ethiopian National Defense Force, and vowed to do everything necessary with her capacity to safeguard the survival of Ethiopia; sustain its unity and sovereignty.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopians across the nation have been expressing support to the government and the National Defense Force in their efforts being undertaken to tackle the heinous acts of the terrorist TPLF to dismantle the nation.


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