Terrorist TPLF Destroys Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebeya Railway Project

Terrorist TPLF Destroys Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebeya Railway Project
Terrorist TPLF Destroys Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebeya Railway Project

Africa-PressEthiopia. The Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebeya railway project which was under construction has been severely damaged by the TPLF terrorist group, according to the project manager.

The construction of the Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebeya Railway Project was launched some six years ago at a cost of 1.7 billion USD.

Project Manager, Abdulkarim Mohammed told ENA that it was planned to complete the construction of the railway by the next Ethiopian fiscal year.

The project was in the final phase of completion, he said adding that efforts were intensified to quickly complete particularly the construction of lines from Kombolcha-Hara Gebeya, by installing modern machineries and equipment in six camps near to the project.

However, he said the construction resources including machineries and trucks in the four camps were looted, and destroyed by the TPLF terrorist group.

Some 268 excavators, dozers, dam trucks and other machines were also in the camps, he said adding that the terrorist group robbed what they could and destroyed what they could not.

The railway line was also damaged as the terrorist group had used the project’s tunnels as fortress and the rail lines as bridges to move tanks and heavy vehicles, he added.

He is very much saddened that this huge project has been destroyed in this way which had consumed more than six years to reach this level.

The destruction of the project not only damaged the morale and psychology of the workers, but also more than 3,000 workers have been laid off due to the suspension of the project.

He said the group should be held accountable for its actions.


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