The gorilla chronicles

The gorilla chronicles
The gorilla chronicles

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. Often we end up forgetting the blessings and privileges that are bestowed upon us, and one of the best privileges usually comes from nature. While some countries struggle with lack of water and trees, a country such as Uganda is so blessed with all the gifts nature can provide, we have tens of water bodies that includes lakes, rivers, crater lakes and one of the most majestic waterfalls in Africa. There are more than 10 national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and community wildlife management areas, 350 different mammal species live in these places, alongside 1,500 bird species, reptiles, insects, fish and butterflies. If this is not a feast for nature enthusiasts, then what is?

But one species stands out among all the above mentioned. Mountain gorillas are the stars, the showstoppers! And as I am fresh out of my second Gorilla trekking, I will dedicate a few articles for this subject.

After my first trek that took place in 2012, I was so enamoured and fascinated with the whole experience, that for the past 12 years I didn’t stop telling people about it and fervently invited people to experience what we did, and I know a few who did follow my suggestion and came back with an equally interesting outcome. One of my friends who was recently planning such a journey asked me if I wanted to join, my answer was yes to stay behind in the beautiful forest nature, and no to join the trek, well, I ended up doing both!

Before mentioning the experience itself, I have to say that talking about gorillas started even when I was flying to Entebbe from Amsterdam. A man I was sitting next to on the plane told me a very interesting and shocking story.

He was quoting a reliable source who said that there are some tourists that are brought to Uganda to see the gorillas who actually think these are Kenyan gorillas. Apparently, these are flown from their countries to Kenya and after their safaris there, Kenyan tour companies bring them to see gorillas, it seems the detail of crossing into another country that actually has the gorillas, remains a footnote.

It is very easy if one brushes off the thought that such a thing would actually take place, but if there is a grain of truth in this story, I would take some serious measures to make sure this does not happen.

It seems that there are also other claims about the gorillas, a female tourist who was in our trekking group, was making a point even before we started the trek. She said if it was not for us tourists supporting such activities , the locals would be chasing gorillas and killing them! My head went into rage from her patronising statement, but I preferred to keep cool and focus on the adventure ahead.

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