Tigray Democratic Party Urges Citizens to Help Stop Atrocities of TPLF Soon

Tigray Democratic Party Urges Citizens to Help Stop Atrocities of TPLF Soon
Tigray Democratic Party Urges Citizens to Help Stop Atrocities of TPLF Soon

Africa-PressEthiopia. Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) has called on all citizens to help stop the atrocities and inhumane acts perpetrated by the terrorist TPLF group within a short time.

The party is also forcing the people of Tigray and children to go to war, Tigray Democratic Party Chairman Aregawi Berhe said.

The chairman further noted that the terrorist group is abusing civilians in the territories it occupied, including the people of Tigray.

“Massacring civilians, kidnapping and robbery are also part of the daily activities of the terrorist group,” he stated.

The terrorist TPLF is a group of oppressors who have deprived the people of Tigray peace since its establishment, Aregawi revealed, adding that it is still forcing the people and children to go to war.

Moreover, the group has proved that it does not care for human beings by especially putting children at the fore in battle fields, he noted.

It has demonstrated this by killing, looting, displacing people and destroying property in places it invaded in the Amhara and Afar regions, proving its hatred to humanity, according to the chairman.

In its recent attacks in Ambassel and Wuchale of Amhara region and Chifra of Afar region, the TPLF clique has caused widespread horrendous damage.

The terrorists indiscriminately shelled villages where civilian live and killed more than 30 at Wuchale alone.

The terrorist enterprise has continued using human wave tactic swarming cities and villages to loot cattle and ready-to-be-harvested crops and destroy the livelihood of neighboring regions, a statement of Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated a few days ago.

Due to these it is no wonder that the flow of humanitarian aid is severely curtailed.

According to the chairman of Tigray Democratic Party, the terrorist group has intensified its activities in the Amhara and Afar regions, killing civilians, killing live stocks and destroying property.

The terrorist group is also working with other terrorist groups in different parts of the country to create instability in the country, Aregawi noted.

The group has also been working to create external pressure on Ethiopia by spreading false information, he said, calling on Ethiopians to unite and defeat the terrorist group.

The chairman stressed that all Ethiopians living abroad and at home should continue to work hard to maintain the survival of the nation.


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