Victory of Adwa Symbolizes African Unity, Pan Africanism: Military Attachés

Victory of Adwa Symbolizes African Unity, Pan Africanism: Military Attachés
Victory of Adwa Symbolizes African Unity, Pan Africanism: Military Attachés

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. The Battle of Adwa which ended with the ever-shining victory of Ethiopians in 1896 symbolizes African unity and Pan-Africanism, according to military attachés residing in Addis Ababa.

The Ethiopian army did the unthinkable by defeating the invading Italian force and successfully defended its independence.

Meanwhile, the Adwa victory cast motivation for Africans to stand united and struggle for freedom and liberation from the colonialists.

In an exclusive interview , Nigerian Defense Attaché Colonel Rufai Umar Mairiga said that the victory regained by the united Ethiopians at the Battle of Adwa is the symbol of African unity.

“Ethiopia is the symbol of African unity and that is the depiction of the Adwa victory. So all African countries will continue to look at Ethiopia as the symbol of African unity and we hope with the commemoration of the Adwa victory Africans will continue to unite against all forms of colonization. Africans should look the Adwa victory as a symbol of unity and freedom,” Colonel Mairiga stressed.

Let Africans have confidence on themselves for they have everything it requires, he said, and added “if we unite and look inwards we can solve our own problem.”

South African Defense Attaché, Colonel Goodman Hokwana said on his part that the Battle of Adwa happened immediately after Berlin Conference, which was referred to as the scramble of Africa.

Italians attempted to colonize Ethiopia, he said, and stressed that Ethiopian made a firm stand and said ‘we are not to be colonized’ and defeated the invading Italian forces.

The victory of Adwa became a motivation for Africans to stand against colonizers in unison with the spirit of Pan Africanism.

“And that (victory of Adwa) became very much a motivation for the Africans that ‘we can do it’. It became a motivation and then there was a struggle by Africans throughout the African continent for liberation from the colonizers. Africans realized that becoming united was key to the agenda of Africans. Hence, becoming the theory of Pan-Africanist to say that we Africans can stand together and liberate ourselves from the colonizers,” Colonel Hokwana noted.

Ethiopians across the nation and in the diaspora as well as black people across the globe will commemorate the 127th of Adwa victory on March 2, 2023.

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