Barrow Gives Update on Draft Constitution

Barrow Gives Update on Draft Constitution
Barrow Gives Update on Draft Constitution

Africa-Press – Gambia. President Adama Barrow Wednesday revealed that his Cabinet had been reviewing the 2020 Draft Constitution, which would soon be presented to the National Assembly for enactment.

He made the revelation during the briefing session of the Preparatory Committee for the National Dialogue, which briefed him about the report of the first phase of the National Dialogue held at State House earlier this year.

During the presentation, the Gambian leader highlighted the importance of dialogue in consensus-building mechanisms for the government, political parties, and civil society organisationsto identify and address issues of national concern.

President Barrow emphasized that he is committed to ensure the recommendations put forward by the preparatory committee are reviewed and implemented by the government.

The President stressed the need for continued religious tolerance, emphasising that all faiths will continue to be treated equally.

Meanwhile, The National Dialogue is the first in The Gambia initiated during the Barrow administration to foster national cohesion and realise the theme: “Collective Responsibility of Preserving the Nation, Safeguarding the State, and Securing our Resources.”

Key among the recommendations were the importance of collective responsibility to protect national integrity and resources, encourage political leaders to foster inclusive and open dialogue, emphasizing national unity and peace, reintroducing the 2020 Draft Constitution to the National Assembly and strengthening the productive sectors of the economy (securing our marine and land resources). It has also been recommended that the Government be impartial in its dealings with all religious groups in the country, expedite the repeal of draconian media laws and provide the requisite quality and skills development initiatives informed by market demands to create employment opportunities for young people and returnee migrants for their socio-economic integration.

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