Bensouda’s Town Hall: A Model Worth Emulating

Bensouda’s Town Hall: A Model Worth Emulating
Bensouda’s Town Hall: A Model Worth Emulating

Africa-Press – Gambia. It was refreshing to watch Mayor Bensouda in the first-ever town hall in the Gambia’s history. I admire his leadership and courage in facing the electorate about pertinent issues. Politics or not, having the guts, the gull, and the gumption to face the electorate in an uncontrolled medium says a lot about the young Mayor. I wish our ministries and other public officials emulate the same and conduct monthly or quarterly meetings with the press/citizens to discuss their gains, shortcomings, and plans for the future. No! You’re not doing the citizens a favor talking to them. National Assembly hearings are not cutting it.

One thing that’s telling, whoever wins BAC, you have a daunting task considering the questions from the students who ostensibly gave up on their council. Anywho, seeing the likes of Yanks & Gitteh instill hopes if they truly wants to do the job right & not politic.

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