Berending Crocodile Pool, Future Heritage Site

Berending Crocodile Pool, Future Heritage Site
Berending Crocodile Pool, Future Heritage Site

Africa-PressGambia. By Yunus S Saliu

For protection and preservation, the Minister of Tourism and Culture has assured residents of Berending, without much time wasted, that the Berending Crocodile Pool will be fenced in order to protect and preserve the environment for posterity.

Honorable Minister Hamat NK Bah assured people of Berending village during his visit to the pool last Thursday as he continued his 2020 tourism facilities tour across the country.

Minister Bah who has immediately authorized the National Centre for Arts and Culture to provide necessary requirements for the work disclosed that most of the crocodiles in the pool have moved over 300 meters far away from the pool and “sometimes it can be one kilometer away.”

The Minister however advised the people of the community to involve in bringing back the crocodiles “because spirituality involved” as they are the custodian “and people that know about it.”

He went on that the pool will not only be fenced and left alone but there will be a restaurant and other amenities near it to attract more visitors and tourists to the site.

Honorable Bah further informed that the issue of the pool has been discussed by the authority as to make sure that the place is reserve and preserve.

Talking about the importance of the pool, Hassoum Ceesay said the crocodile pools in the destination – Katchikally Sacred Pool – Bakau, Folongko Pool in Kartong and Berending Crocodile Pool in Berending are in triangular form “and if the Gambia is to have another UNESCO Site this is one of our hopes.”

He explained that the fence will be 300 X 300 and it will have a buffa zone

However, Berending Crocodile Pool serves the same purpose as Katchikally and Folongko. Though it is fed by salt water and does not have ‘pakungo’ on its surface. It is nevertheless a sacred place.


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