Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse
Drug Abuse

Africa-Press – Gambia. Recently, there seems to be an upsurge in the use of illicit drugs in the country. In the past few days alone, three young people have been reported dead after having consumed drugs. This situation seems to be recurring frequently.

As it is well-known, the use of illicit drugs poses a range of challenges in the country. One of its consequences is the increase in the crime rate. Young people who have consumed hard drugs lose all sense of danger and can then engage in every kind of crime, including violent crimes.

When these young people become addicted to these drugs, their lack of a fix can make them do anything just to get a fix. This can include stealing from unsuspecting victims or forcefully taking the properties of people who may be in their vicinity.

One of the outcomes of consuming these drugs is the tendency to self-harm. It has been observed that when someone takes these drugs, they may even cut off their own tongue. it is not clear what propels them to do such a thing but it has become common.

It is necessary for the government to look into the causes of drug abuse and seek out ways to combat it. With a thorough understanding of this problem, it will become easier to come up with plans – both short and long term – to fight it and put it to rest.

one of the most effective ways to deal with a problem as complex as drug abuse is sensitisation and enforcement of laws against it. These two must be implemented simultaneously so that it will have a quick impact on the fight.

A diverse taskforce must therefore be constituted to take on this fight head on.

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