ESSA clarifies  that he finishes work at TRRC

ESSA clarifies  that he finishes work at TRRC
ESSA clarifies  that he finishes work at TRRC

Africa-Press – Gambia. Speaking at the Wassu Garage, he told the people that all those comments are baseless and far from actuality and truth. He said those gossips are nothing but fallacious words inspired by the political motives of others in the country.

“So, coming here telling you that don’t vote for Essa Faal because he is not yet done with the TRRC is all due to politics. I have done my work with the TRRC. All of you have seen the work that I did there. I have not done any work in the improper way. I was not also working as someone who is unprofessional. I don’t think I would have the nerve to stand here and ask you for votes had I not done what was required upon me,” he told the cheering crowd at Wassu Garage.

“I have done my work and done with the TRRC. I have even been issued with a letter of appreciation for the job well done. I am just waiting for them till I hear that again and I will show out the letter to everyone to see.”

However, he made a controversial pronouncement to most Gambians. He said that Gambia is the worst place to do business after Chad, a country in war. “Are you happy that Gambia is the worst place to do business apart from only one country being Chad,” he asked. Uniformly the whole crowd wailed in the negative, which was obvious to have happened.

According to Mr. Faal, the current government took over power some time ago and brought no change to the people of The Gambia after 5 years. He also outlined the health care issues such as lack of medicines, machines, oxygen etc., and the overwhelming agricultural issues making life a hell in Gambian communities especially the rural areas, which he says is because of the incompetence and inefficacy of the current Barrow administration.

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