Ex-President Jammeh urges Gambians to vote GDC/APRC alliance

Ex-President Jammeh urges Gambians to vote GDC/APRC alliance
Ex-President Jammeh urges Gambians to vote GDC/APRC alliance

Africa-Press – Gambia. Yahya Jammeh, who’s with the No to NPP/APRC Alliance is backing Mamma Kandeh for the country’s highest job, while Fabakry Tombong Jatta and his executive including some of their followers formed an alliance with the National People’s Party of President Adama Barrow.

Speaking during a WhatsApp call at a political rally held in Farafenni as GDC continues its campaigns in the North Bank Region (NBR), former president Jammeh said: “There should be free education up to university in this country. In fact, Gambians are supposed to have free education by 2018, but these people (referring to the current government) come and dismantled it and destroyed it. However, if you want progress, come and join the alliance and vote for Mamma Kandeh and we build a better Gambia.”

“I can tell you that by 2024, In Sha Allah, there will be free education not only for primary school and up to high school, but the university will also be free for all Gambians by the grace of Almighty Allah.”

“I know the suffering that you have been going through. My heart and soul is with you, especially my town Farafenni. I also want to extend my greetings to the people of Saba Sanjal and other communities and all those that come from far and near to attend this meeting. I feel sorry for what has been happening for the past four years, especially my women. I feel sorry for my children; the young ones who were going to school free of charge and today their parents are suffering.”

Ex-President Jammeh further claimed: “Everything has gone down from electricity, water and education and especially women gardening has gone down because NBR people used to do a lot of gardening. People of Farafenni and the surrounding areas, I want to ask you a question which is; whether I ever promised you something and failed?

“I want you people to vote for the GDC and APRC alliance and within the next two years to come, you will forget about all the sufferings you went through within these years because we are going to move this country forward. By the grace of Allah, within three years, we will develop this country faster than a rocket. Within 12 months, you will forget about insecurity, electricity, water problems and school fee issues,” he posited.

“You remember in 1996, I told you the people of Farafenni that you are going to have electricity and I was going to build the roads but many people didn’t believe me. In fact, that’s why I said today is a historic day because any promise I give to the people of Farafenni and Gambians in general, I fulfil it.”

The alliance between GDC/APRC, he said, will be the best one in the history of the country. “I want all of us as Gambians who want development and unity, to unite and get the system out and bring in the system that was here for the past 22 years and even better now this time. I want all patriotic Gambians to come and support Mamma Kandeh and me so that we can build this country better than it was for the past 22 years.”

Jammeh said: “If all tribes are united, we can build a better country because the Almighty Allah will be on our side. Only we, the Gambians, can take the lead in the development of our country. However, we can only develop our country where there is peace and unity and peace and security. I entrusted Mamma Kandeh to all patriotic Gambians and development oriented Gambians who love their country.”

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