Family gripped with abject poverty calls for support

Family gripped with abject poverty calls for support
Family gripped with abject poverty calls for support

Africa-Press – Gambia. By Mustapha Jarju A family who earns its daily living from charcoal business to survive has called for support as their breadwinner gets older to fend for his family.

Sarjo Camara, a resident of Kafuta Fula Kunda said despite his old age he sells charcoal to make ends meet but due to his old age the business is no more going as to the family expectation this makes life get worst for the family.

“I have mentally challenged people here with me, I don’t have power anymore I really need help”, he said.

“We facing a lot of problems in our family that even fish money is a problem and even the house we are living is another problem. We are housing by one of our neighbors without paying till our house is complete, but the problem is we don’t have the money to complete the house,” he said with sadness.

Sarjo`s wife expressed that it is one of her brothers that used to support them but now he couldn’t continue helping them as three of her other brothers are sick even herself too and “we are not born with it (the sickness), please we definitely need help and support to make the life of the family better and ease the difficulties we are because we are currently facing pain and the suffering is too much.”

Essa Bah, a neighbor to Sarjo said, when he goes to Sarjo`s compound his mind goes too far because of the challenges this family is facing. On their behalf too, he appealed to anyone that is willing to help to come to the assistance of Sarjo Camara and his family.

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