Gambia: NAWEC To Increase Tariffs For Water & Electricity In April

Gambia: NAWEC To Increase Tariffs For Water & Electricity In April
Gambia: NAWEC To Increase Tariffs For Water & Electricity In April

Africa-Press – Gambia. Tariffs for water and electricity are going to be increased nationwide in about a week’s time, according an announcement by the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC), who made the disclosure at a conference held earlier on Monday 27 March at its head office at Westfield.

According to NAWEC, the new tariffs are as follows: 0-10 cubic meters of water has been increased from D5.50 to D6.41, 11-25 cubic meters from D12 to D14.15, 26-40 cubic meters from D16.00 to D18.86 and the balance or above from D20.00 to D23.58

The water tariffs have been increased from D24.20 to D28.50 for commercial uses; D34.00 to D40.09 for hotels, clubs and industries; D12.00 to D14.15 for agricultural uses; from D16.79 to D19.79 for area councils, and D16.79 to D19.79 for the Central Government.

Moreover, for domestic uses, the credit meter electricity has been increased from D10.14 to 13.85 for 0-300 kilowatt, D10.49 to D14.06 for 301-600 kWh, D10.77 to D14.43 for 601-1000kWh and D11.54 to D15.40 for the balance.

Tariffs for hotels, clubs and industries have been increased from D11.65 to D13.90; from D10:14 to D13.85 for agricultural uses, D10.90 to D16.20 for area councils and from D10.90 to D16.20 for Central Government. The same charges also apply for the repayment meter.

Finally, sewerage tariff has also been increased. For domestic users and local authorities, the price has been fixed at D5.00 and D15 for all other users per cubic meter of water consumed.

The increment, according to NAWEC was decided upon after discussion with the country’s regulator, Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA), and other relevant stakeholders.

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