‘God Forbids Barrow’s Type of Politics’ – Mama Kandeh

‘God Forbids Barrow’s Type of Politics’ – Mama Kandeh
‘God Forbids Barrow’s Type of Politics’ – Mama Kandeh

Africa-PressGambia. By Sulayman Waan

Mamma Kandeh, leader of Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) has disapproved the type of politics that the Gambian president is playing.

Speaking at a political rally held in Changai Wolof, Central River Region north recently, the GDC leader disclosed that God forbids his (President Barrow’s) type of politics.

He said President Adama Barrow “has destroyed the country. The country’s politics have perished. The politics he is doing are a politics that God does not like because it is a politics of lies,” he told the rally.

He said gone are the days of politics of deceit in the country and therefore urged the electorates to vote out President Adama Barrow in 2021.

He went on that recently the National People’s Party (NPP) officials had given reports that Ash Sowe, GDC chairman in the Lower Saloum Constituency has defected to the NPP which he said is false.

He said upon coming to power the Barrow government met former President Yahya Jammeh gave tractors to farmers but he (Barrow) seized those tractors from the farmers and sold them.

“However, he (President Barrow) had tried for Gambian farmers because I have seen him giving them donkeys,” he added.

Kandeh said as long as Barrow met former President Jammeh had given tractors to farmers, he (Kandeh) was expecting President Barrow to increase the number of tractors for farmers but not to sell those tractors and bring donkeys.

The longtime President Barrow political rival called on Gambian to understand the issues of the country and avoid selling their nobleness to President Barrow and any other person.

Mama Kandeh is a member of the Pan-African Parliament from the Gambia. He is the founding leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress political party, which he formed in the summer of 2016. He ran as a candidate in the Gambian presidential election of 2016 and received 17.1% of the votes.

He said: “some Gambians have witnessed the past and present governments. You know the differences. Then no one should tell people the happenings of the country. Therefore, let’s try and unite to remove President Barrow from the presidency in 2021.”


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