Golden Bee Revolution celebrates 1st anniversary

Golden Bee Revolution celebrates 1st anniversary
Golden Bee Revolution celebrates 1st anniversary

Africa-PressGambia. By Nyima Bah

Golden Bee Revolution on Sunday celebrated its 1-year anniversary at Officer’s Mess in Kotu.

The programme is aimed at promoting the living standard of young people in The Gambia, with a motto: empowering with voice.

It’s primary role is conducting career coaching seasons through their platform, inspiring students and guiding them through in selecting a career path.

Alagie Cherno Suwareh, CEO of Golden Bee Revolution, shared his views upon forming the organization. He said the journey was not an easy one but realized that there is so much talent in youths of the country who are not given the platform to express themselves.

“I believe that if people are making it internationally, why not the Gambia too?” he said.

He further said that it is part of their plans to visit countries in Africa and the diaspora to help solve some of the challenges that Gambians encounter, using their medium.

”Golden Bee Revolution wants to make their voices heard. We want to meet with every Gambian in the world and communicate to them about the difficulties they face and give them a stage to promote the Gambian flag.”

As the organization is independently functioning, he invites partners both government and private to add up their support in helping youths to participate in national development.

Muhammad Y Darboe, secretary general, expressed his excitement for people answering to their call. He also explained how the programme has impacted the lives of the young people since its establishment.

“The organization has been a facilitator with job opportunities for a lot of young people in their diverse fields of study.”

Darboe further said the organization also serves as a channel through which young people who specialize in skills, market their products.


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