Good Morning Mr. President: On feeder roads, human rights, others

Good Morning Mr. President: On feeder roads, human rights, others
Good Morning Mr. President: On feeder roads, human rights, others

Africa-Press – Gambia. Most of the major roads within the GBA are in critical condition, some of which are even hard to use by vehicles. In fact, it’s because of the bad feeder roads in town that there is always traffic congestion within the main Brikama-Banjul Highway.

Your government should also put into consideration the idea of having another road that could start from Westfield to Abuko and the roads within the Serrekunda area should also be constructed.

The Gambian population is rapidly increasing and the number of vehicles plying the busy Brikama-Serrekunda highway is on the increase thus there is urgent need for the government to have another alternative route where vehicles can use. Traffic congestion contributes to economic losses and it also poses threat to national security and it can also affect our workforce.

Mr. President, the drainage system around the Serrekunda Fire Station should be looked into. Almost every rain the place will be over flooded with water. It’s not even safe for people to be working there when it rains. Therefore, the Ministry of Transport, the National Roads Authority, The Gambia Fire and Rescue Services (GFRS) line ministry which is the Ministry of Interior and the Kanifing Municipality Council (KMC) should work together in ensuring that they come up with a solution to this issue. Good drainage system should be a top priority of any company that is constructing roads in the country. It’s only that way we could avoid flash floods among others.

Mr. President, the traffic unit of The Gambia Police Force should also be supported. The traffic officers should also be on the highway in ensuring that there is no traffic congestion on the highway especially when people are going to work and closing from work. Vehicles that are packed on the highway should be removed. We also believe that it is high time the government and the transport union work together in ensuring that trucks that ply the roads during the day time do so at night like other countries are doing. This will help minimise traffic congestion and could also avoid fatal accidents. At some point, these trucks will have mechanical problems on the roads and this can affect the traffic.

Mr. President, the protection of the fundamental human rights of every citizen should be a priority of the government. However, as citizens, we also need to complement the government’s effort in safeguarding the democracy that we all are enjoying in the country. Four days ago, some Gambians in the Diaspora attacked Ebrima Sankareh, the government spokesperson. This is totally uncalled for and it should be condemned by everybody.

As Gambians, we need to protect the image of the country even outside. Gambians have been known to be peaceful people hence that trend must continue. We hope that such incidents do not happen again.

Finally Mr. President, your government should revisit its agreement with the American firm Securiport about the 20 U.S. Dollars security levy imposed since 2019 .It is to provide security for Civil Aviation and immigration and introduction of the E-Visa system. Malagen Online has revealed that the government incurred D275 million loss and government has arrears of 4.5 million U.S. Dollars in this 15 years the contract.

According to Malagen, your government, the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Justice officials gave advice not to sign the contract and had advanced their reasons.

The airport tax of 20 U.S. Dollars should be added in the air ticket fees. This tax is affecting the tourism sector which is our second earning in our foreign exchange.

The government should issue a press release to clarify what next with the American Security firm – Securiport. The interest of the nation comes first.

Mr. President, there is no need for the Office of the President to get a permanent secretary for investment. It is a duplication of portfolio considering GIEPA’s role. Good day

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