Gov’t asked to support Aisha Fatty

Gov’t asked to support Aisha Fatty
Gov’t asked to support Aisha Fatty

Africa-Press – Gambia. The Gambia government has been asked to show support to a Gambian lady arrested in Senegal over an alleged black mailing of a Senegalese businessman.

Aisha Fatty is being held in Dakar accused of blackmailing Aboulaye Thiam who took her to Gambian courts trying to recover monies he claimed were given to Aisha after she promised to marry him but later failed. That case is on in Banjul but when Aisha visited Senegal recently, she was arrested after Thiam complained to police that she had threatened to release compromising videos of him among other things.

Commenting on this development, a Gambian diasporan Sulayman Junkung Sawaneh, said the Gambia government should take up the matter and show solidarity with its citizen.

“It is the responsibility of the government to protect the lives and the properties of her citizens wherever they are. I know the law must be left to run its course but the government should at least show some action in support of the lady as a citizen of The Gambia. Whether Aisha is right or wrong is a different matter.The country where I am living right now, if anything happens to any of their citizens in any part of the world, their government stands up for them, and I expect similar from the Gambia government in the case of Aisha Fatty,” Sawaneh said.

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