GRA Integrates All Demographics of Taxpayers in Its Revenue Mobilization Drive-CG Darboe

GRA Integrates All Demographics of Taxpayers in Its Revenue Mobilization Drive-CG Darboe
GRA Integrates All Demographics of Taxpayers in Its Revenue Mobilization Drive-CG Darboe

Africa-Press – Gambia. The Gambia’s revenue mobilization chief Yankuba Darboe has recognized the crucial role that the youth can play in the country’s revenue-generation efforts, emphasizing that the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) has embraced an open-door policy by streamlining all demographics of taxpayers in its revenue mobilization drive.

CG Darboe gave this assurance last week at Ocean Bay Hotel as he delivered an address at the opening ceremony of a two-day tax seminar that brought together members of the Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce (GYCC).

According to the GRA boss, taxpayers are GRA’s lifeblood and indispensable partners in national development as he recognized and acknowledged their role in propelling national development. The GRA’s doors, he went on, remain widely open to every demographic of taxpayers to help raise more revenue for the State and lubricate the engine of growth.

“The GRA has an open-door policy. You can always contact our officers on the ground for any clarifications about taxation. They are there for you as taxpayers. You are our priority. Without taxpayers, GRA cannot be functional. Therefore, GRA values you and recognizes the important role of taxpayers in national development,” he underscored.

“I want us to develop a lifetime relationship. The GRA is our GRA. So, it is our responsibility to make sure that we collect the needed revenue for the government,” added CG Darboe.

He reiterated that due to the fact The Gambia is a tax-based economy, the GRA is excited to integrate youth in its tax collection drive and heighten their tax awareness, considering that this age group constitutes 60% of the population.

The GRA boss admitted that in view of the number of boots on the ground, the Revenue House has found it difficult to cover the ground but enjoined GYCC members and Gambians to reinforce the GRA’s revenue mobilization efforts.

“Gambians and institutions must come together and complement each other’s roles and mandates to better achieve our desired goals,” CG Darboe enjoined as he called for extra efforts in revenue collection to develop The Gambia for the present and future generations of Gambians.

He recognized the role of the media in raising awareness about tax and urged GYCC to follow suit as, according to him, the greater the awareness about tax obligation, the higher the compliance rate.

“We want the participants to become ambassadors of GRA,” Darboe stated at the GYCC-organized Project Support and the National Institutions for Economic Management and Evidence-based Policy Planning and Budgeting-funded seminar aimed at achieving inclusive growth and poverty reduction in The Gambia.

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