Humanity First Donates 400 School Chairs to Masroor School

Humanity First Donates 400 School Chairs to Masroor School
Humanity First Donates 400 School Chairs to Masroor School

Africa-Press – Gambia. Humanity First International, a charitable organization with branches around the world, has recently donated 400 chairs to Masroor Senior Secondary School at Old Yundum.

The gesture, which came from Humanity First’s USA Branch, was facilitated by Mr. Yankuba Sinayoko, Director of Operations and Food Safety (Humanity First Gambia) during his visit to the United States. According to Mr Sinayoko, upon arrival in the USA, he had a meeting with the Humanity First team led by its Chairman Munum Naeem.

“It was there we reached the conclusion that Masroor Senior Secondary School urgently needed chairs for their hall. Over 400 chairs were put together and shipped to The Gambia. It costs Humanity First over 5,500 United States dollars equivalent to over D400, 000,’’ recalled Mr Sinayoko during the presentation of the items.

He expressed the readiness and willingness to expand their support in other areas like health, agriculture, provision of clean water, and food security.

Mr Ibrahima Bayo, Principal of the school expressed happiness in receiving the chairs which, he said, the school has been longing for years.

“Since the hall was built in the year 2018, we have yet to receive any chairs purposely for the hall until this recent intervention from HF USA. Before whenever we had activities in the hall, the students used to take classroom chairs to the hall and returned them after programs. With these chairs, that burden is no more,” stated Principal Bayo. “The school is very much relieved by this magnanimous gesture and wishes to profoundly thank Humanity First,’’ he added.

He promised that the chairs would be used for the intended purpose.

“We would do our utmost to protect and preserve them,” he stated.

The Head Boy of Masroor Senior Secondary School, SaikouCamara, on behalf of the students, thanked Humanity First for the “benevolent” assistance.

Meanwhile, Masroor Senior Secondary School was built in 2005 by Humanity First International through the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat-The Gambia. The school started with a student population of 165 and today, it has a student population of over 1400 students. Currently, it is among the top four best schools in the country.

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