Let us stop Barrow’s self-perpetuating plans

Let us stop Barrow’s self-perpetuating plans
Let us stop Barrow’s self-perpetuating plans

Africa-Press – Gambia. Fake Ismaila Ceesay has said the 1997 Constitution allows Barrow to contest a third term, but he clumsily stated also that Barrow’s first term does not count, as this was a transition period. Yet Ceesay didn’t say what part of the 1997 constitution sanctioned this transition arrangement he is now referencing to defend his boss. Barrow and his minions, including Ismaila Ceesay, must understand that Barrow had a covenant with the Gambian people which includes the end of self-perpetuating rule. Central to this is the two-term limit for the president. The records are there of our advocacy against the Jammeh dictatorship as well as Barrow’s own campaign promises, which included Barrow to serve just a transition period and for a new constitution with a two-term limit as its central plank.

Barrow has made it his mission to abrogate this covenant by moving the goal post where it serves his interest, and his now arch minion Ismaila Ceesay trying to blindfold the population into believing this to be acceptable politics. It’s all a big lie. To normalise this brand of politics for the new generation to copy is to render any constitutional process an exercise in futility, and to eventually make Gambia a failed state. Our advocacy to stop Barrow and terminate his diabolical self-perpetuating ambition is not based on the 1997 Constitution that Ismaila Ceesay is falsely relying on where it suits their purpose.

The activists and the Gambian population at large should focus on challenging Ceesay’s lies and to confront Barrow’s power grab before 2026. This is the best guarantee for bringing about a better Gambia.

Source: The Standard Newspaper | Gambia

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