Mai Fatty Says NPP Has More Vehicles Than Gov’t Departments

Mai Fatty Says NPP Has More Vehicles Than Gov’t Departments
Mai Fatty Says NPP Has More Vehicles Than Gov’t Departments

Africa-PressGambia. By Sulayman Waan

Mai Ahmad Fatty, leader and secretary general for Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) said the President Adama Barrow’s National People’s Party (NPP) has more vehicles than government departments which he said need such vehicles to deliver essential services for the nation.

“The NPP has more vehicles than many government departments that need them (vehicles) to deliver essential services,” he posted on his face book timeline on December 3. He added that Gambians hospitals lack critical supplies but the NPP continues to expand its vehicles fleet across the country.

“Our women are dying preventable deaths daily,” he said. He called on President Barrow to think of that critically, adding: “Police and Immigration lack vehicles to protect you (President Barrow) and hospitals lack enough ambulances while NPP offers brand new 4wheel pick-up trucks to its surrogates across the country.”

Mr Fatty, a former minister of Interior under the current government further stated that “Barely a year of its formation, the NPP has so far proven to be one of the wealthiest political parties in West Africa, with the aptitude to rent expensive office locations throughout the country.”

He unveiled that some government departments continue to experience tough space challenges to accommodate required government employees.

The President Barrow government had launched series of project across the country and many people commended him for what they call development in the Gambia

However, the GMC leader described these projects as politically motivated projects while said the country’s institutions are collapsing, with zero reforms. “While the future of the youth is being mortgaged to the Banks through huge debts incurred in their name, they wallow without gainful employment.”

He said The Gambia’s marine resources have been sold to Chinese and other concerns whereas average Gambian cannot afford to buy fish to consume, and called on President Barrow to think about the challenges affected the masses and government institution.


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