NCP Is Not Dead- Majanko

NCP Is Not Dead- Majanko
NCP Is Not Dead- Majanko

Africa-Press – Gambia. Majanko Samusa, former nominated member of the National Assembly and senior official of the National Convention Party (NCP), has hit back at critics that say his party is dead.

“That’s just an opposition, it is from UDP. NCP blocks UDP from entering the State House. That party is still strong if NCP is less than ten people, it is because of those ten people that are blocking them from entering the State House,” he claimed.

“If you see the president selecting a Minister from that ten people’s party, a Parliamentarian from the ten people’s party, and also ambassador then the president knows what is NCP. The National Convention Party (NCP) is not going anywhere. We are sticking to President Barrow when he leaves, we leave,” he added.

He echoed that he fought as an opposition and got into parliament but Ousianou couldn’t fight to get into parliament. Adding that Halifa Sallah, Sedia Jatta, and Amat Bah are all party leaders who also fought and got into parliament but Ousainou couldn’t.

However, he said he is more recognized when it comes to archives than Ousainou because he had served the legislative as an opposition.

“I make a legacy president Barrow make a legacy he won the election in two good terms. I won National Assembly Election but Ousianou never won anywhere not even Alkalo position. He couldn’t even win in his own village. One can say what Sheriff Dibba achieved in his political career but Ousianou doesn’t in his political career,” he alleged.

Hon Samusa emphasised that the former vice president Ousianou Darboe never win election in his own village (Bansang) for 35 years in politics.

“Politics is interested in anything you are doing, you put your interest. People can say I am inconsistent but I disagree because I am following my interests.”

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