Njogou Bah Banned From Holding Public Office For Life


The Former Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service of The Gambia under ex-president Yahya Jammeh, Mr. Njogou Bah, has been banned from holding public office for life.

His ban came after the Gambian Government accepted recommendation of the Commission of Inquiry into the financial activities and/or dealings of former President Jammeh which was revealed on Friday at a press briefing in Banjul.

Similarly, Mr. Bah is banned from serving in any public office again or be appointed as Director for any State-Owned Enterprise for at least 10 years.

“Mr. Njogou Bah is hereby banned from holding public office for the remainder of his life. He is also banned from holding any director positions in any state Owned Enterprises in The Gambia for ten (10) years. Both bans are effective from the date of publication of this White Paper. The monies shall be removed from the assets of former President Jammeh.”

The Government noted that Mr. Bah’s many involvements in the financial transactions of former President Jammeh, which was not part of his official duties, especially as Secretary General, demonstrate the enthusiasm with which he facilitated these transactions.

Bah’s conduct is said to have fall far short of the standard of professional conduct expected of the Head of the Civil Service at the time.

The Janneh Commission’s findings indicated that Mr. Bah was signatory to various public accounts and was also involved in the withdrawal of public funds and other matters concerning former president Jammeh.

“He assisted in the opening of accounts, and facilitated the withdrawal and transfer of millions of dollars from and to various accounts on the instructions of former President Jammeh. The Commission found that Mr. Bah also obtained several loans from SSHFC on the instructions of former President Jammeh which were never repaid,” revealed the commission’s findings.

The Commission found Mr. Bah and former President Jammeh are jointly liable for the said amounts of money misappropriated by former President Jammeh.

About Njogou Bah

Mr. Bah started his career in the Civil Service in 2005 as Senior Assistant Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He held several other positions mostly at the Office of the President including the office of Secretary General. He was dismissed from office in June 2013.


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