Police Ask Gov’T to Provide Forensic, DNA Testing Tools

Police Ask Gov’T to Provide Forensic, DNA Testing Tools
Police Ask Gov’T to Provide Forensic, DNA Testing Tools

Africa-Press – Gambia. Inspector General of Police (IGP), Seedy Mukhtar Touray, at a press conference on Friday at the Police Headquarters in Banjul, called on the government to intervene and assist the police with forensics and DNA evidence testing tools.

“In tandem with modern trends in policing, we want to introduce use of forensic evidence in proving cases,” he appealed.

He explained that the use of forensic evidence will enable them minimise human error and biases during criminal investigations and eventual prosecutions.

“Our learned colleagues will always say; ‘it is better to free a guilty suspect than convict an innocent person’.

Outlining the challenge, the IGP cited the lack of adequate mobility for operations as very challenging.

“Most of our police stations don’t have operational vehicles to respond to public calls for police assistance in a timely manner,” he admitted.

He also alluded that the digitalisation of their workflow and records management is another area that faces serious challenges. “For us to be more effective and efficient in our operations, Gambia Police Force needs to transition from paper-based documentation and work processes. Digitalised mode of work is faster and cheaper,” he acknowledged.

He highlighted that the turnout of officers contributes immensely to their professionalism and self-confidence. He disclosed they are currently not able to provide sufficient uniforms to all officers.

“Significant efforts have been made to provide at least one pair of uniforms to every officer with the intention of increasing that to two pairs in the next fiscal year,”

“The number of model police stations and barracks for PIU and ACU personnel could be better. Plans are underway to construct 6 more model police stations in the regions to address this challenge.”

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