Police Chief Vows to Protect Elders, Leaders from Verbal Abuse

Police Chief Vows to Protect Elders, Leaders from Verbal Abuse
Police Chief Vows to Protect Elders, Leaders from Verbal Abuse

Africa-Press – Gambia. The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Seedy MuktarrTouray, has vowed to provide protection to the Gambia’s elders and leaders against any form of verbal abuse and violence.

The police chief made the strong commitment that there would be no safe haven for those subjecting respected members of society to insults of various forms.

Addressing journalists at a press conference at the police HQ in Banjul on Friday for the first time since he assumed office more than two months ago, IGP Touray hinted that there would be now sacred cow or sacrificial lamb in the police’s quest to restore dignity for elders and leaders.

“Rule for one, rule for all,” he stressed.

“Discipline is a prerequisite for the development of any society, more so the security services. The servicemen and women in uniform come from the society. Therefore, we are one and the same. In view of this reality, it is important for us to inculcate discipline in our children and encourage decorum in our public discourse,” IGP Touray told reporters. He continued: “The rhetoric in our public discourse is bellicose and unpleasant because of the name-calling, hate speech, and outright personal insults directed at people we disagree with. As Gambians, this is alien to us, and we need to correct this disturbing departure from our refined manners. Democracy does not mean people are free to do as they please. Democratic freedoms come with personal responsibility. Let us be responsible members of society.”

The police boss emphasized the importance of according elders and leaders the respect due to them.

He called for an end to tribal bigotry, incendiary rhetoric,insult of elders and leaders.

“I am saying this because there will be no selective justice—rule for one, rule for all. If anyone dares to challenge this statement from the Inspector General of Police, as soon as we finish this press briefing, you can go on air and start insulting the elders of this country,” IGP Touray stated, promising that the police will show no sign of relenting in carrying out their official functions.

On the many unresolved land disputes across the country, the police chief said the situation was a concern of grave proportion but laid part of the blame to the doorsteps of government for what, he said, issuing multiple title deeds for the same plot of land. He pointed that this anomaly was unearthed by investigations but promised to adopt a zero tolerance posture towards it.

He explained that Kombo in the coast bears 80% to 85% of the country’s land dispute cases.

“I came from a lineage of traditional rulers; my father was an Alkali. His father was an Alkali, and today is my own brother,who is an Alkali… But let this message be very clear to all traditional rulers: If you issue out land to multitudes of innocent people; all having their authentic documents andwhere litigation is the only solution, we will not be kind to you,” he stated.

IGP Touray also said the police would ensure there is coherence in the issuance of land documents.

“The relevant authority that is responsible for issuing land documents has three, four and sometimes five people, all of them having valid documents from one office. Are you not knocking the heads of innocent people together? This must stop. And again, we will not be lenient with anybody, who is found wanting or perpetrating this act,” IGP Touray stressed.

He promised that the police will continue to collaborate with DLEAG to fight against illicit drugs.

“The influx of recreational drugs into The Gambia is quite alarming, and my administration will continue to work with DLEAG and relevant authorities to confront this menace head-on. Drug trafficking and drug abuse are threats to our national security because of the havoc it can cause to our youth and the economy,” he stated.

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