Promoting ICT in schools!

Promoting ICT in schools!
Promoting ICT in schools!

Africa-Press – Gambia. The increase in the social use of ICTs and its enormous impact in the world of education are immense. ICT is fast becoming a fundamental tool for new teachers and students in widening their digital skills in or outside classrooms.

It is an integral component and fast becoming a necessity for all countries to inculcate in their teaching and learning syllabus. The fact is that no development is attainable these days in the absence of ICT.

In fact this urges the need for countries to incorporate ICT in their education syllabus due to its importance and to be in tandem with the tech world.

Recently, a total of 50 teachers in the country wrapped-up a six-day forum on ICT designed to promote technological advancement in the teaching and learning processes. It is also meant to enhance distance learning amid digitalisation of the teaching system so as to improve accessible and quality education in the country.

The training was courtesy of the Science and Technology Education Directorate (STED) under the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE) with funding from ICESCO through UNESCO-NATCOM.

This training on ICT couldn’t have come at a better time, when countries around the globe are fast gravitating towards the use of ICT in their daily work.

The world is fast moving towards technology and no nation can develop in its absence beyond the educational attainment of its citizens.

It is therefore crucial as a country to invest more in nurturing and moulding our future generation. A case in point is that during the height of the global coronavirus, we all saw how ICT played a lead role especially in virtual conferences or sessions, when embargo was placed on travelling to some countries.

Therefore, ICT has an important and prominent role in knowledge due to its changeable ability and its capability in making relationships among students. Change-oriented approach believes the change of ICT has changed the tools and even the policies and educational goals basically and fundamentally.

It is time the country starts promoting the teaching and learning of ICT so as to help in strengthening the capacity and resilience of our education system. This would in turn help in improving teachers’ digital skills.

We therefore thank ICESCO and MOBSE for funding and implementing the project alongside NATCOM. To the participants, much is expected from you since you are the chosen few. Don’t hesitate to share the knowledge gained with your colleagues in your respective institutions. Each one, teach one!

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