Sheng Jing hospital, EFSTH collaboration infull gear as 2nd batch of trainees bids farewell

Sheng Jing hospital, EFSTH collaboration infull gear as 2nd batch of trainees bids farewell
Sheng Jing hospital, EFSTH collaboration infull gear as 2nd batch of trainees bids farewell

Africa-Press – Gambia. The collaborative training project between Sheng Jing hospital of China medical university and the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital has been in full gear to better the health care system of the Gambia, as the second batch of medical trainees to China bids farewell on Sunday evening.

The project which includes training of medical personnel and equipping the hospital, has been in existence since 2017 with the sole aim of assisting EFSTH, to independently conduct gynaecological endoscopic surgeries and establishing maternal management protocols, as the department of gynaecology and obstetrics still faces challenges.

The two-hospital cooperation also promises to send more Gambian doctors to China in the next three years and equally send in an expert to be conducting seminars.

Highlighting the importance of this collaboration, at the farewell ceremony, Counsellor Zhan Tong said: “It is very important for the Gambia to have such programs for the doctors and nurses in gynaecology. This is not the first time we are inviting doctors to China to have training. We are also doing a lot, in terms of capacity building in the past 8 years since our governments resumed the diplomatic ties. We know medical and health sector is one of the priorities between our two countries cooperation. The Chinese government have devoted a lot to help the Gambian side and promote the situation and practices of the medicals and also the hospitals. It is crucial because it directly benefits the Gambian people and we are proud of that. On the cooperation mechanism, China Gambia have more communication and exchange of doctors and nurses.”

Dr. Kebba Keita, the head of department of obstetrics and gynaecology at the EFSTH, extended gratitude to the government of China for their collaboration and support to the Gambia.

He said: “The Chinese government have been supporting EFSTH and the ministry of health with critical medical equipment and supplies for the past years. They have been giving us equipment which are almost one in west Africa. In 2019-2020, they invited myself and one other to this particular Sheng Jing hospital and we had the opportunity to interact with high calibre Chinese doctors with their state-of-the-art equipment. We also learned their attitude towards work, which is excellent. One of the skills that i acquired from China is minimal access surgery and since i came, we have done over 300 minimal access surgeries. Back then if you need that, you go to Senegal but that has now become a thing of the past. They helped Gambia to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of minimal access surgery,” Dr Keita narrated.

He urged the new batch of trainees to also learn and emulate their attitude and skills in gynaecology and obstetrics surgery.

The trainees, Dr Kebba Gassama and Mariama Baye, a nurse, both expressed their appreciation to China and also government of the Gambia for giving them the opportunity to horn their skills and other techniques in their field.

“This is a training that came at the right time and we are grateful that we are selected for this. Our goal is to spread the knowledge we gain from China in minimal access surgery among our colleagues and also prevent Gambian patients to go overseas for treatments,” he said.

These trainees were welcomed in China even before their departure from Banjul in a pre recorded video by the head of department of obstetrics and gynaecology Sheng Jing hospital of China Medical University, Yang Qing, who is also in charge of the cooperation project between Sheng Jing hospital and EFSTH. She equally assured them, “in the next 6 months of training, you will be able to have access to cutting edge medical technology, equipment and acquire a wealth of medical knowledge and practical skills. I believe this experience will bring a huge boost to your career and will be rewarding. Not only would you acquire professional knowledge but also feel the charm of Chinese culture.”

Meanwhile, the project leader of the two-hospital cooperation, Dr Chen Peng, commented that he has seen wisdom and hard work in Gambian people and had presented a token of their special wish for the trainees to start well in China as they all bid farewell to them.

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