Tear-Gassed NAM Takes No-to-Alliance’s Case to Legislature

Tear-Gassed NAM Takes No-to-Alliance’s Case to Legislature
Tear-Gassed NAM Takes No-to-Alliance’s Case to Legislature

Africa-Press – Gambia. The lawmaker for Foni Jarrol Kebba ToumandingSanneh, who was teargassed by paramilitary officers on 18 February, has on Tuesday presented the No-to Coalition’s case to the National Assembly.

Hon. Sanneh was among many No-to-Coalition members, who were last Sunday brutalized by the paramilitary officers, for attempting to organize a fund-raiser in Tallinding.

The agents of law and order were deployed to Tallinding to disperse the fund-raising event, claiming that the group was not issued a permit for such an event and they ended up assaulting the political group’s members by spraying them with tear gas. Nine people have reportedly received medical care as a result of the paramilitary assault. Twenty-four group members were also reportedly arrested and detained.

Meanwhile, according to Hon. Sanneh, he took the case to the National Assembly on Tuesday, adding that it was discussed in anticipation of further discussion that will, inter alia, involve the House Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Majority Leader, Minority Leader, and the Clerk. He pointed out that the personalities will sit over the issue to make sure something is done about it even if it warrants the IGP appearing before the House.

“Some of the NAMs showed concern and confirmedthat the action of the paramilitary was wrong. I will notbe carried away by my emotions to state my next line of action. I will only act if the response [from the legislature] does not satisfy me. Today it happened to me, tomorrow it can happen to another member,” he argued in an interview with this reporter.

According to him, The No-to-Alliance members weresupposed to meet the IGP on Tuesday but the police chief was engaged, saying members will meet him today to hear from him the reasons that led to the cancellation of the fund-raising event.

“They will quote the constitution and tell us where they got the powers for approving a permit and then canceling it. There is nowhere in the constitution that states that when you organize a fund-raising program,you should request a permit. The only reason why Omar Colley requested a permit is that he knew some people would cause trouble but the fund-raising wasaimed at celebrating the independence and gatheringfunds. This was approved and given a green light until the last hour,” the Jarrol NAM asserted.

NAM Sanneh dismissed as false the claim that the permit was falsified, saying the permit was not forged because he went to the Bundung police station and the operations commander Gass Sabally confirmed to him that it was valid.

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