‘Tribalism delays Gambia’s development’

‘Tribalism delays Gambia’s development’
‘Tribalism delays Gambia’s development’

Africa-Press – Gambia. PRO Njie made the remarks during an interview with The Point over the weekend. Njie added that Gambians are facing lots of challenges and should come together to eradicate corruption and improve the living standard of citizens.

“Everything in the country is becoming more expensive by the day. Corruption is the other of the day, fuel prices unstable, vendors complain,” he said.

“These among other things should be a great concern to every Gambian and we should be united to fight for the development of the country.”

He emphasised that the UDP is not an enemy to the Barrow administration, but notes they will fight through the right way to make sure Gambians get the ruling and development they deserve.

He said the entire Badibou will continue to support the UDP while encouraging the leadership not to relent. Mr. Njie thanked his party leader Lawyer Ousainu Darboe for donating to Wandifa Mbye whose motorbike was stolen.

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